Ovusense Fertility Monitor Review: Pros, Cons, and Different Uses

Cameron-Leigh Henning
By Cameron-Leigh Henning
Edited by Kelli Harris

Published November 30, 2021.

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OvuSense is a fertility tracker that helps you understand the ideal time to conceive in each cycle. OvuSense uses sensors to monitor the true fluctuations of progesterone throughout your cycle, helping you stay in tune with your body. 


  • Speed of sync in the morning
  • Accuracy of predicting fertility
  • Ease of use with a comfortable wrist pad or vaginal sensor
  • It is hygienic and made from medical grade silicone
  • Suitable for PCOS
  • Suitable for irregular cycles
  • Free session with a fertility specialist
  • Receive a full refund when you return the device in an unopened box


  • It is cheaper than IVF but still very costly
  • Needs to be replaced yearly
  • The subscription process can be confusing
  • Tricky to read chart and instructions

Ovusense Fertility Monitor: Pricing

OvuSense works on a subscription basis. Here is the basic pricing and Ovusense subscription costs:

OvuFirst: From £59 OvuFirst Starter Pack is £59 with the option of a 30-day subscription or a 12-month subscription. • Recurring 30-day OvuSense Standard Subscription: £20.00 • 12-month OvuSense Standard Subscription: £140.00

OvuCore: From £59.00 OvuCore Starter Pack is £59 with the option of a 30-day subscription or a 12-month subscription and the OvuSense Pro add-on. • Recurring 30-day OvuCore Standard Subscription: £20.00 • 12-month OvuCore Standard Subscription: £140.00 •12-month OvuSense Pro Subscription add-on: £100.00

Ovusense Fertility Monitor: Main Features

OvuSense is a fertility tracker that helps you understand the ideal time to conceive in each cycle. OvuSense uses sensors to monitor the true fluctuations of progesterone throughout your cycle. The advantage is that it includes greater accuracy when measuring your temperature using the OvuSense thermometer. It uses up-to-date data to predict your cycle for the month instead of using data from the previous month, allowing you to accurately predict your ovulation date even if your cycle is irregular. Using the OvuSense charts gives you the best chance of pregnancy.

Ovusense Fertility Monitor: How to Use

OvuSense has two different fertility monitors depending on your needs: OvuFirst skin-worn sensor or OvuCore vaginal-based sensor.

How to Use OvuFirst

OvuFirst uses a wristband. Sleep with the sensor on your wrist or under your arm for maximum accuracy. The sensor takes accurate skin temperatures every 5 minutes. In the morning, download the data to the OvuSense app. The app will process the data and provide live updates which tell you when you will be most fertile.

How to Use OvuCore

OvuCore consists of a data reader and a personal sensor. To use OvuCore, you need to enter the first day of your menstrual cycle into the reader as a "new cycle." You can use OvuCore the day after your bleeding ends. Place the sensor into your vagina overnight, where accurate temperature readings are taken every 5 minutes. In the morning, please the sensor on the reader and download the data. Once the reader confirms you are ovulating, you can stop using the sensor for the remainder of that cycle.

Using OvuSense For Conceiving and Contraception

The data from the sensors give you an accurate reading of when you will be most fertile. This can be used in cases where you are trying to conceive because OvuSense gives you a window where you are ovulating. However, OvuSense can also be used to avoid pregnancy where you stop sexual intercourse over the period where you're most fertile.

Ovusense Fertility Monitor: Is It Safe?

OvuSense is completely safe to use because no radio waves are transmitted from the sensor while applied to your body. OvuSense is FSA and HSA approved.

Ovusense Fertility Monitor: How Accurate Is It?

The main question is, "Does Ovusense really work?" OvuSense confirms ovulation by specifically looking for a continuous rise in your average core temperature. Generally, an increase of at least 0.3°C over three days indicates ovulation, although your unique pattern may vary. OvuSense claims its devices have a rate of 99% accuracy for ovulation detection, with its predictive abilities clocking in at 89% with a positive predictive rate of 96%.

Ovusense Fertility Monitor Review: Pros, Cons, and Different Uses

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