Cyclotest Fertility Monitor Review: Pros, Cons, and Different Uses

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By Deseré Davis
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Published February 2, 2022.

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Cyclotest is manufactured by a German company that specializes in fertility computers. The devices made by Cyclotest are aimed at helping women identify when they are fertile so they can plan accordingly for falling pregnant. The fertility monitor has a modern, sleek design, is easy to use, and has an easy-to-read display.

You can use the monitor to keep track of your body’s cycles and track your fertility status for several weeks.

But there is more to this smart device, so stick around as we review Cyclotest and everything it has to offer.

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  • Accommodates Sensiplan methodology
  • Child Planning Mode has extra features
  • Clearly indicates highly fertile times
  • Easy to take body temperature
  • Helps calculate and monitor BMI
  • Comes in a high-quality protective case


  • Sensor light might be too bright for some
  • A little bit clunky
  • It can take a while to get to know all the features
  • English translations can be confusing at times

Cyclotest Pricing

Cyclotest has four main products to choose from, and their prices vary according to the features offered by the products.

  • Bluetooth basal thermometer Cyclotest MySense - $152,22
  • Cyclotest ovulation tests $31,30
  • Symptothermal cycle computer Cyclotest myWay - $427,49
  • Digital pregnancy tests $12,35

Main Features of Cyclotest

This Cyclotest review is about highlighting the main features of the device and how they’re useful when you’re trying to conceive a baby. Here is a look at all the important features you can expect to enjoy when using the Cyclotest on your journey to becoming (or avoid becoming) a parent:

Sensiplan Fluid

With this feature you can use the Sensiplan methodology of fertility awareness while still having a charting experience.

Light-Up Display

The Cyclotest's adjustable display lights up and makes it easy to know when you should take your temperature.

Separate and Flexible Thermometer

Cleaning the device is made easier with the separate thermometer that is also submersible and flexible.

Rubber Feet

You’ll never have to worry about the device falling off your bedside table or other surfaces you use it on thanks to the solid grip provided by the rubber feet.

Dual Use

There are two modes to choose from — Trying To Conceive and Trying To Avoid. You can use the device to help you fall pregnant or avoid pregnancy completely.

How to Use Cyclotest

Cyclotest comes with a detailed and helpful user’s manual that will guide you through using it with ease.

Thanks to the modern design, the Cyclotest ease of use is high. You are provided with all the information you need to either prevent pregnancy or increase your chances of getting pregnant. Switching modes can be done in the menu.

Using the device the first time is pretty straightforward. You have to activate the cycle start function on the first day of your cycle. You can also back-date it.

From then on, you will have to take your body temperature in the morning and use the day chart to monitor your fertility status. The device allows you to see infertile and fertile days clearly. You can also input additional information such as other symptoms or any disruptions (such as drinking the previous night) you’re experiencing. It also helps you determine and monitor your BMI as well as provide skincare advice during your menstrual cycle.

You can transfer all the information you’ve documented on the device onto your computer if you wish to share it with your doctor or gynecologist.

The Final Verdict: Is Cyclotest Worth It?

This Cyclotest review shows that you can use the device in the comfort of your home and keep track of all the important information you need to fall pregnant. It is perfectly safe to use and there are no reports of negative side effects from women who have made the most of Cyclotest.

Whether you’re trying to conceive or avoid getting pregnant, Cyclotest's usability makes it a convenient and easy way to keep track of your body through the fertility awareness method.

Cyclotest Fertility Monitor Review: Pros, Cons, and Different Uses

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