Ava Fertility Tracker Review | User Experience, and Features

By Abeeha Qasmi
Edited by Kelli Harris

Published September 23, 2021.

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Ava is a fertility tracking bracelet you wear while asleep to detect your most fertile days, taking the guesswork out of trying for a baby.

Using the device is convenient: You strap it onto your arm when you go to bed and, in the morning, it syncs with your phone (both iOS or Andriod) to get the algorithm of your data. The Ava fertility bracelet is FDA-approved and CE-certified and has an 90% success rate of detecting your most fertile days.

This fertility tracking device not only indicates the optimal days to conceive but also measures physiological factors that relate to fluctuations in reproductive hormones, helping you become more in tune with your body.

Ava's Highlight Features

  • Ava is not just a fertility tracker; it helps you learn about your body.
  • Ava tracks hormonal changes and lets you know the exact 5 days when your fertility window is open.
  • While you sleep, Ava tracks physiological signs to identify the right time for you to try for a baby.
  • Ava has many valuable features, such as the ability to track your heart rate, temperature, sleep, and even stress levels.


  • Clinically approved and the only FDA-cleared tracker
  • Measures sleep pattern
  • Tracks menstrual phases in real-time
  • Accurate data measurement
  • Modern design and classic colour
  • Easy to use


  • Ava is not tested for PCOS
  • Low battery time
  • Expensive compared to other fertility trackers

Ava Fertility Tracker: Features

What Does Ava Track?

Find Your Ovulation Period

You don't need to fuss with ovulation test strips first thing in the morning. You only need to wear the Ava bracelet on your wrist at night while you sleep and then sync it with the Ava mobile app in the morning to get a detailed analysis of what's happening in your body.

Ava monitors changes in your temperature, heart rate, breathing rate, pulse rate, and the finer details of your sleeping patterns. The idea is that all these physiological variables can predict your peak fertility window more accurately.

The user interface is well designed, so interpreting the data is rather easy.

Track Your Breathing Rate

Before menstruation, a woman's breathing rate ranges between 10-25 bpm. Many medical professionals use the breathing rate to measure physiological stress. A lower rate of breathing on Ava signifies a reduced state of stress. Several studies have shown that the breathing rate is lower in the follicular phase (from the first day of your period until ovulation). Knowing when this happens could increase your chances of conceiving.

Measure Your Sleep Rate

With the Ava Bracelet, you can keep track of your sleeping patterns. It not only measures how much sleep you're getting but also the quality of your sleep. These are important parameters that you want to track to predict your fertility window.

Measure Your Skin Temperature

To identify fertility phases better, Ava measures your skin temperature. Why is this important, you ask? After ovulation, the skin temperature increases by 1.5 degrees and remains high until the next menstrual cycle. The device carefully monitors and records the incremental shifts in your skin's temperature, alerting you to your ideal fertile window.

This is a much more accurate and convenient way to keep track of temperature changes in your body and eliminates the chore of having to take your temperature right when you wake up.

Ava Fertility Tracker also tracks your bioimpedance and perfusion movements - factors that also change with your menstrual cycle.

How Do You Use Ava?

The Ava bracelet is made of soft silicone and comfortable to wear all night, plus it comes in attractive colors. The sensor flashes a green light when it touches your skin, letting you know that it is working. You need to sleep at least four hours to allow the Ava fertility bracelet to do its job. In the morning, open your Ava app on your phone to synchronize your data from the night before. All the data you need to accurately detect your most fertile days will be at your fingertips.

Is Ava FDA Approved?

Ava is the only FDA-approved fertility tracker, which means no prescription is needed from a health provider to buy Ava. This fertility tracker has been tested by rigorous clinical trials , and its makers claim that the algorithm can detect your fertile window with 90% accuracy.

Is Ava Worth Trying?

Unlike LH tests that only predicts one or two days of your ovulation period or period tracking apps that provide inaccurate data, Ava is the most comprehensive solution to learn about your body insights while you sleep.

Although Ava carries a heavy price tag, it is still a reliable and accurate tracking device to eliminate the stress and uncertainty of figuring out your best time to conceive.

Ava Fertility Tracker Review | User Experience, and Features

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OvuSense is a fertility tracker that helps you understand the ideal time to conceive in each cycle. OvuSense uses sensors to monitor the true fluctuations of progesterone throughout your cycle, helping you stay in tune with your body. ProsSpeed of sync in the morningAccuracy of predicting fertilityEase of use with a comfortable wrist pad or vaginal sensorIt is hygienic and made from medical grade siliconeSuitable for PCOSSuitable for irregular cyclesFree session with a fertility specialistReceive a full refund when you return the device in an unopened boxConsIt is cheaper than IVF but still very costlyNeeds to be replaced yearlyThe subscription process can be confusingTricky to read chart and instructions Ovusense Fertility Monitor: Pricing OvuSense works on a subscription basis. Here is the basic pricing and Ovusense subscription costs: OvuFirst: From £59 OvuFirst Starter Pack is £59 with the option of a 30-day subscription or a 12-month subscription. • Recurring 30-day OvuSense Standard Subscription: £20.00 • 12-month OvuSense Standard Subscription: £140.00 OvuCore: From £59.00 OvuCore Starter Pack is £59 with the option of a 30-day subscription or a 12-month subscription and the OvuSense Pro add-on. • Recurring 30-day OvuCore Standard Subscription: £20.00 • 12-month OvuCore Standard Subscription: £140.00 •12-month OvuSense Pro Subscription add-on: £100.00 Ovusense Fertility Monitor: Main Features OvuSense is a fertility tracker that helps you understand the ideal time to conceive in each cycle. OvuSense uses sensors to monitor the true fluctuations of progesterone throughout your cycle. The advantage is that it includes greater accuracy when measuring your temperature using the OvuSense thermometer. It uses up-to-date data to predict your cycle for the month instead of using data from the previous month, allowing you to accurately predict your ovulation date even if your cycle is irregular. Using the OvuSense charts gives you the best chance of pregnancy. Ovusense Fertility Monitor: How to Use OvuSense has two different fertility monitors depending on your needs: OvuFirst skin-worn sensor or OvuCore vaginal-based sensor. How to Use OvuFirst OvuFirst uses a wristband. Sleep with the sensor on your wrist or under your arm for maximum accuracy. The sensor takes accurate skin temperatures every 5 minutes. In the morning, download the data to the OvuSense app. The app will process the data and provide live updates which tell you when you will be most fertile. How to Use OvuCore OvuCore consists of a data reader and a personal sensor. To use OvuCore, you need to enter the first day of your menstrual cycle into the reader as a "new cycle." You can use OvuCore the day after your bleeding ends. Place the sensor into your vagina overnight, where accurate temperature readings are taken every 5 minutes. In the morning, please the sensor on the reader and download the data. Once the reader confirms you are ovulating, you can stop using the sensor for the remainder of that cycle. Using OvuSense For Conceiving and Contraception The data from the sensors give you an accurate reading of when you will be most fertile. This can be used in cases where you are trying to conceive because OvuSense gives you a window where you are ovulating. However, OvuSense can also be used to avoid pregnancy where you stop sexual intercourse over the period where you're most fertile. Ovusense Fertility Monitor: Is It Safe? OvuSense is completely safe to use because no radio waves are transmitted from the sensor while applied to your body. OvuSense is FSA and HSA approved. Ovusense Fertility Monitor: How Accurate Is It? The main question is, "Does Ovusense really work?" OvuSense confirms ovulation by specifically looking for a continuous rise in your average core temperature. Generally, an increase of at least 0.3°C over three days indicates ovulation, although your unique pattern may vary. OvuSense claims its devices have a rate of 99% accuracy for ovulation detection, with its predictive abilities clocking in at 89% with a positive predictive rate of 96%.

Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor Review: Pros, Cons, and Different Uses

The Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor is a handheld, battery-powered fertility monitor that helps you naturally track and analyze your menstrual cycle. It uses your daily basal body temperature (BBT) readings to calculate your fertile and infertile days, so you can use it to avoid conception or become pregnant. Here’s our Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor review: Pros100% natural and hormone-freeSmall, sleek designEasy to useHelps you take charge of your fertilityIncreased body awarenessConsNo companion appOnly uses BBT to track fertilityNot ideal for those on hormonal medicationNot ideal for frequent travelersMay not work well if you have irregular cycles Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor: Pricing The different Lady-Comp products include: • The New Lady-Comp: $495 • Lady-Comp Pearly: $375 • Upgrading to the new Lady-Comp: $247 • Replacement sensor for the new Lady-Comp: $59 • Replacement sensor for the old NextGen Lady-Comp: $49 • Replacement Mini USB cable: $5 Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor: Main Features Fertility tracking Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor calculates and displays your fertility status (Red =fertile, Green =Infertile) based on your daily BBT readings and the data from your past cycles. Pregnancy tracking By analyzing when intercourse took place combined with your daily BBT readings and temperature curve, Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor can detect temperature deviations and display possible pregnancy indicators early and accurately. Digital display The screen displays your cycle data, daily fertility status, BBT and other detailed statistics at a glance. Built-in alarm It can be set to wake you up to take your temperature readings. This makes it easy to record and track your personal fertility history. Battery-powered Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor comes with 2 AAA batteries. Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor: How to Use You can use Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor in 3 easy steps: 1. Set the alarm, wake up and take your temperature every morning by placing the sensor under your tongue. 2. Enter your menstruation days. 3. View whether you’re fertile or not that day. How To Use Lady-comp Fertility Monitor for Contraception Input data about your menses and take your BBT. Lady-Comp will track your cycle and indicate your fertile and infertile phases. To avoid pregnancy, avoid having unprotected sex on the days the tracker indicates that you’re fertile i.e when the screen color is red. How To Use Lady-comp Fertility Monitor for Conception Have intercourse during your fertile window i.e. when the red display is on and on your predicted ovulation day i.e. when there’s a flashing red light. The Final Verdict: Is Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor Worth It? The Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor does work if you’re looking for a fertility monitor that can be used for both contraception and as a fertility tool when trying to conceive. It’s safe and natural and provides an easy and accurate way to track your cycle and fertility, making it well worth the investment.