Marie-Claire De Villiers

Marie-Claire De Villiers


Women's health, Medical, IVF, Menopause, Mental health, Psychology


Bachelor of Music and English at Stellenbosch University, Copywriting Diploma at Red & Yellow School of Business, Self-study in womens health, medicine, IVF, menopause, mental health, psychology


  • Seven years of experience as a researcher and writer


Marie-Claire boasts seven years of research and writing experience. She has written full time for several websites and numerous blogs in a freelance capacity on a wide range of subjects while specialising in women's health. Her passion for women’s wellbeing permeates her work and inspires her thoroughly researched, carefully considered and sensitively written blogs and ‘best of’ pieces. She is dedicated to improving women's lives and particularly enjoys finding effective treatments for women who are vegan, animal friendly and eco-aware.

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