TempDrop vs. Cyclotest: Features and Pricing

By Abeeha Qasmi
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published September 27, 2021.

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Need a Cycle and Ovulation Tracking device that helps in identifying the best time to conceive?

Make a better fertility decision with top-notch body basal temperature (BBT) tracking devices: Cyclotest and TempDrop. Cyclotest is a cycle awareness thermometer, while TempDrop is a wearable armband.

Both devices may help women on their fertility journey and keep them on track with updates. These modern devices are efficient and stress-free solutions for couples who wish to conceive or for those wishing to utilize natural contraception.

To find out which one suits your needs best, let's look into their prominent features.

Highlighted Features


  • Charts and Interprets your individual data.
  • Specialized for various BBT measurement methods.
  • Comes with a free PC software


  • Tracks your BBT while you sleep.
  • Allows you to monitor your sleep quality
  • Suitable for women with PCOS.

Cyclotest vs TempDrop

Feature Comparison

Comparing the features of leading Cycle and Ovulation Tracking devices TempDrop & Cyclotest

Tempdrop logo

Temp Drop

Cyclotest logo


App Intergration

Integrate your personal information with multiple fertility tracking applications.

Zero Radiation

All devices are radiation-free.

Data Safety

Your information is kept confidential and safe. Only share with those you want.

Charts and Interprets Data

Easily interpret your data or facilitate yourself with automatic data interpretation.


Measure your temperature while you sleep, track, and learn about your body.

Track Sleep Quality

Allows you to track the quality of your sleep.

Suitable for Irregular Cycles

Track your cycles even if you have PCOS

Trying to Conceive Mode

Change mode from avoiding pregnancy to trying to conceive.

Uses Specialized Algorithm

Both devices use unique algorithms to track your data.

Pricing Comparison


Temp Drop



In-App Purchases



169 USD

14 - 395 USD


12 Months + Optional Extension @ 40 USD

2 Years


1 Year Insurance @ 45 USD

TempDrop vs. Cyclotest Products

Cyclotest Devices

BasalThermometer Bluetooth mySense

Price: 129 USD

Effective for: Menstrual cycle tracking, rhythm/calendar method contraception, and PMS awareness.

Download the free app and sync the basal thermometer to the mySense App on your phone with Bluetooth, after you have taken your morning temperature. The digital screen is jumbo-sized, easy to read, and shows 2 decimal places.

Symptothermal Cycle Computer myWay

Price: 282 USD

Effective for: Controlling your cycle, natural contraception, and for those trying to conceive.

myWay is a mini-computer that is approved as a class llb medical device. It uses the symptothermal (temperature) method and directly interprets and analysis the individual data presented. myWay also comes with a 1-year guarantee and an evaluation software for your PC.

Digital Basal Thermometer Lady

Price: 14 USD

Effective for: DIY measuring and charting your basal body temperature.

The Digital Basal Thermometer Lady is a medical product that gets delivered together with charts (6 months worth), for you to fill in, along with a pencil and a case. The tip is specialized for oral, vaginal, and rectal measurement, allowing you to track your ovulation your way.

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The Tempdrop Device

Price: 169 USD

Effective for: Tracking your basal body temperature while you sleep.

Tempdrop's armband tracks your BBT while you sleep and allows you to easily sync the data with the Tempdrop app on your phone, once you're awake. The app then charts and can also interpret the data for ease of use.

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Final Verdict

Although the product forms are different (one is a thermometer, and the other is an armband), the purpose is the same, and their features are very similar. However, there is one fertility tracker that outranks the other by a minor margin. Yes, it's the Tempdrop armband!