Tempdrop vs Ava Bracelet: Which Fertility Tracker Is Right for You?

Marie-Claire De Villiers
By Marie-Claire De Villiers
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Updated December 5, 2022.

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Fertility tracking is essential for those who wish to plan for pregnancy—or even avoid it! Though it can be difficult to track your fertile periods on your own, you need not have to. Thanks to modern technology, there are many different devices that can do the difficult stuff for you.

Keep reading to learn about two of the best fertility trackers out there: Tempdrop and Ava.

Tempdrop vs. Ava

Feature Comparison

Compare the features of two of the leading fertility trackers: Tempdrop vs. Ava.

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Temp Drop

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Generally safe

Most reviews indicate safety

Switches from Fahrenheit to Celsius

Adjusts to your country's measuring system

Collects data

Works efficiently to collect data

Gives back

Percent of proceeds go to women's health research

FDA Approved

Approved by the FDA for health and safety

Offers other features

Provides other health insights

Easy to use

Easy to take on and off

Tempdrop Basics

The Tempdrop armband is a smart fertility monitoring device, worn on your upper arm and connected to your smartphone.

Usually, a woman would need to wake up at the same time early in the morning to take her own temperature in order to track ovulation. Tempdrop allows you to sleep in as much as you like by taking your temperature for you while you sleep.

The Tempdrop armband is a wearable BBT thermometer. It helps you learn your fertility window by measuring basal body temperature or BBT. BBT is the lowest temperature a body reaches during sleep and is vital for tracking menstrual cycles.

Some women have polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS, which creates an irregularity in their cycles. Tempdrop can be especially helpful for ovulation tracking and fertility monitoring if you have PCOS.

Ava Bracelet Basics

The Ava Bracelet is similar to Tempdrop in many ways: it is a wearable device for monitoring fertility cycles and links to an app on your phone to provide feedback.

However, Ava Fertility tracks not only temperature, but also sleep, physiological stress, and resting pulse rate—other factors that are important in the ability to conceive.

The Ava ovulation watch collects data 25 times per second while you're sleeping, which it then uses to calculate the fertile window. The temperature sensors, accelerometer, and photoplethysmograph work together to take temperature, measure movement, and capture heart rate respectively.

Pricing Comparison


Temp Drop


Retail price



Final Verdict: Which Product is Better?

Some women reported struggling with getting the Ava armband on and off, and some reported that, while it collected large amounts of data, at times it was slow to provide the analysis.

However, for the most part, reviews for Ava Fertility are glowing in comparison with other basal thermometers. Ava also tells you when you have your five most fertile days leading up to ovulation so that you can plan and not miss your window. Tempdrop only tracks ovulation once your fertile window has already passed.

With this factor in mind, along with its FDA approval and five physiological measurements, the Ava bracelet wins first place as a safe and reliable fertility monitoring device.

While the Ava Bracelet price is $80 higher, most women will feel that this is a worthwhile cost—and ultimately, if it helps cut down on rounds of IVF treatments, it will save you money.

We hope we've provided you with some more information that proves helpful. However, as an individual woman with specific preferences, we also encourage you to trust yourself—perhaps you prefer the lower cost and generally reported better useability with Tempdrop. Let us know what you think.