Naula vs. Bonzun: Which is the better fertility app?

By Abeeha Qasmi
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published September 24, 2021.

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Naula vs. Bonzun: Which is the better fertility app?  main image

Technology is giving new hope to couples undergoing fertility treatment with apps that track your optimal fertility window.

This article compares Naula and Bonzun, two excellent apps that make it easier to conceive.


Naula is an IVF (in vitro fertilization) fertility treatment tracking app that helps IVF and TTC warriors monitor every step of their treatment.


Bonzun is an all-in-one IVF fertility treatment tracking app that allows you to create a fertile treatment journey tailored to your specific IVF stage.

Bonzun vs Naula


Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of each app. Naula and Bonzun are both superb fertility tracking apps, however, there are a few features that set them apart. Let's break them down to help you decide which app is best for you.





Stay on Track

Keeps you on track with your meetings and medications

Complete Privacy

Keeps your information confidential and secure

Treatment Journey at a Glance

Stores your appointments and medication in an easy-to-use calendar

Walk You Through Each Step

Creates a personalized IVF journey

24/7 Support

Provides 24/7 emotional and psychological support plus informative articles


Let’s you schedule reminders and alerts for medication and appointments

All IVF and ART Treatment Record at One Place

Conveniently manages different ART and IVF treatment processes in one place

Comparing Naula & Bonzun Ease of Use

The Naula app generates a calendar based on your treatment cycle, keeping all your treatment schedules and medication in one place. You don't need to read a lengthy manual to understand how it works. Likewise, Bonzun’s layout is also simple and easy to use.

Pricing Comparison




Free Plan

In-App Purchases

From $10.99

Final Verdict: Which One is Best?

The IVF fertility treatment can be confusing for you and your spouse withack-to-back appointments and injections adding even more stress. Keeping track of your fertility treatment with apps can help you stabilise your stress levels.

Bonzun and Naula are both helpful apps for women going through the difficult phase of fertility treatment. However, our in-depth analysis shows that Bonzun does offer extra emotional and psychological support by experts throughout the fertility journey of couples who are trying to conceive.

Bonzun also provides more valuable information and reduces stress during the whole process by keeping couples updated about their entire journey. Hence, Bonzun wins the battle over Naula.