Livia vs. Ovira: Choosing the Best Period Pain Reliever

By Abeeha Qasmi
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published September 27, 2021.

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Livia vs. Ovira: Choosing the Best Period Pain Reliever main image

Put your pills down! It's time to use technology to relieve period pain. Livia and Ovira are leading the way as an innovative medical treatment in the female reproductive health realm.

These devices are based on TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology to help women around the globe by relieving period pain. They work by overloading your nervous system to reduce its ability to transmit unwelcomed pain signals to your brain. No signals mean no pain. So, goodbye, period cramps!

But which menstrual cramp reliever works the best: Livia or Ovira? Let's compare and find out.

Ovira vs My Livia

Feature Comparison

Comparing the features of the leading Period Pain Relief products Ovira & My Livia

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Product 1


Fast Pain Relief

Provides period pain relief in seconds of turning on the device.

100% Natural & Drug-Free

No side effects, chemicals, or tolerance build-up!

Ease of Use

Easy and quick to attach to the lower abdomen with no discomfort.

Backed By Science

Recommended by professionals and approved by the FDA.

Attractive Design

Choose from multiple eye-catching colors that are feminine and appealing.

TGA Registered

TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) has assessed the device.

Risk-Free Refund

Guarantee of a risk-free refund policy that's valid for up to 100 - 120 days.

Customer Support

Supportive content and excellent customer care even after a year of purchase.

Warranty Period

The device offers a warranty claim that's liable for two years.

Livia vs Ovira - How Are They Different & What Technology Do They Use?

In terms of technology, there’s not a BIG difference between Livia and Ovira.

Livia uses their patented SmartWave™ technology, which is based on TENS machines. All you have to do is place the two beautifully designed gel pads where you feel pain and press the On switch. Unlike pain relief pills, Livia considerably reduces pain by stopping cramp signals from reaching the brain. It even has an adjustable button to modify the signals according to your pain intensity. Livia doesn’t just reduce pain instantly but eliminates it completely. You won’t develop tolerance to it, and the effect lasts as long as you wear it.

Ovira’s Noha device uses TENS and pulsed signal technology. Put the two aptly named Love Handles on your lower abdominal area or lower back. The device will start light vibrations that block pain signals by overloading your nerves. It works pretty similar to Livia but with a few adjustments and features.

Pricing Comparison







Monthly Instalments

Subscription Plan

Ovira vs. Livia: Main Features

Patented Technology

Ovira uses the patented TENS technology, whereas Livia used it as a basis to develop their own patented approved technology called SmartWave. TENS technology is based on the gate control theory whereby ‘nerve gates’ are kept ‘busy’ by sending specific micro-pulses to block pain signals.

Safe to Use

Livia and Ovira utilize TENS technology, which has been trusted for years to reduce period pain. It entails electrical pulses or signals that affect the sensory nerves to block cramps and pain. This way, these devices release the body's equivalent of natural painkillers called endorphins, which relieve both primary and secondary menstrual pain.

Compact and Discrete

These period pain relievers are small, feminine, and beautiful in design, especially Livia's appealing color range, giving it an edge over Ovira.

Besides their looks, both the devices are equally comfortable and lightweight. The device size is so tiny that it easily fits under all clothing types so that you can confidently wear it everywhere and anywhere.

Final Verdict: Which Period Pain Reliever Is the Winner?

For period pain relief, Livia and Ovira are both decent products. Not only are they better and faster than pain relief pills, but they're also FDA-approved and backed by professionals.

However, there can be only one winner, and after thorough research and analysis, we found that Livia outranks Ovira by a significant margin. The Livia menstrual pain reliever uses innovative yet easy-to-use technology and provides you unmatched customer support and value.

Livia offers a combination of unique features that are limited in the Ovira device. In addition to these hallmarks, Livia's product outlook is a notable win factor as it is available in multiple colors — who doesn’t like a bit of colour in their life?

The best part is that Livia offers all of these perks at a relatively lower price than Ovira and provides various payment plans for customers’ further ease.