Can endo cramps intensify if you're on birth control?

Asked a year ago

I have endometriosis which I am monitoring with my doctor. It's been a couple of months since my diagnosis and I am now in a new relationship! We are both firm on the fact that we don't want children. I am considering going on birth control so that we have an extra sense of protection. However, I am concerned that using birth control could aggravate my endo cramps.

Caroline Ikiugu

Sunday, August 21, 2022

The effect of birth control on endometriosis varies depending on the type you choose and your body. Hormonal contraceptives, for instance, are known to lessen or even treat endometriosis symptoms. These contraceptives reduce endo pain and slow the growth of lesions in some people. Other types of birth control may have the same effect. Talk to your doctor first before going on any birth control and work with them to monitor changes in your body and adjust where necessary.

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