Am I at risk of developing endometriosis if someone in my nucleus family had it?

Asked 2 years ago

Both my mother and my grandmother developed endometriosis in their teen years. For years I watched my mother struggle with bloating, discomfort, and intense pain from her endo belly. I am scared that I might develop endometriosis too because it runs in my nucleus family. Is this a possibility?

Mason Patel

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Yes, there's a possibility that you might develop endometriosis since close members of your nuclear family have it. It can be inherited either through your paternal or maternal family line. While it's known that endometriosis clusters in families, scientists are still trying to figure out why this happens. Since endometriosis is present in your family, you may want to learn how to reduce or manage the symptoms of endometriosis to help both you and your family members.

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