Can a Guy Feel a Menstrual Cup?

Wondering if you can have sex with a menstrual cup in? Read this article to find out how safe sex is when wearing a menstrual cup.

By Abeera Maham
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published November 23, 2021.

We all know what it feels like when you're planning a date night and your period decides to arrive. Unfortunately, menstrual cups are worn lower in the vaginal canal and take up most of the space, if not all of it. The long tapered morphology of a menstrual cup, which typically includes a stem at the base, is not conducive to intercourse. However, intercourse can be possible during your period if you use a disposable cup or a menstrual disc.

Let's have a further look into this.

Is It Safe To Have Sex While Wearing a Menstrual Cup?

It depends on the type of menstruation cup you have.

It's easy to forget you're on your period while you're wearing a reusable menstrual cup. However, it is crucial to remember that because they're thicker and more robust, it does not mean that they're contraceptive devices. Reusable menstrual cups aren't meant to be worn during intercourse. It'd be like having sex with a tampon, inconvenient. This type of cup can cause abrasions and may even cause harm to your partner. Unless the reusable cup is clearly labeled as "sex-safe."

However, disposable cups like SoftCup, which feel and look like heavy Saran Wrap, are fine during intercourse. They are more likely to move with your body rather than against it.

Would Your Partner Feel Your Menstrual Cup?

Your partner will only feel the cup if they are deeply penetrating. However, your spouse should not be unable to detect the cup, and you will also be free of period leaks during intercourse.

Can You Push a Menstrual Cup in Too Far?

It is possible to push a menstrual cup in too far. If this happens, you won't be able to grip the cup's stem, and you may struggle to get it out.

A menstrual cup should sit about an inch or two below your cervix. The stem's tip should be no more than 1cm away from the vaginal opening. Nothing should protrude from you; everything should be contained inside you.

Which Menstrual Cups Are the Best for Allowing Period Sex?

The "no reusable menstruation cup during sex" guideline does have one exception, a specially designed menstruation cup.

INTIMINA's Ziggy Cup was created exclusively for folks who want to use a reusable menstruation cup during intercourse. Because it's constructed of ultra-thin silicone, it's the first and only reusable cup that can be used during sex, so you don't have to worry about leaving a mess or feeling uncomfortable.