Negative Ovulation Test With Lots of Cervical Mucus

Should your ovulation test be negative if you have lots of cervical mucus? Find out here.

By Alice Bassett
Edited by Kelli Harris

Updated December 1, 2022.

Changes in cervical mucus can serve as your body's natural indicator that certain things are happening in your menstrual cycle. Whether this is menstruation, ovulation, or even pregnancy, the consistency and quantity of your cervical mucus can be very telling. However, this is not an exact science and needs to be taken with a degree of reservation.

How Is Cervical Mucus Affected by Ovulation?

If you monitor your cervical mucus, you will notice changes around the time of ovulation. Your reproductive system is designed to make conception as easy as possible, right down to your discharge.

The consistency should resemble that of egg whites, which is easier for sperm to travel through. You will also experience an increase in vaginal discharge for the same reason. This would be the best time to take an ovulation test to confirm your body's natural indicators.

Can You Still Ovulate if the Ovulation Test Is Negative?

You could experience a false negative purely because you haven't begun ovulation yet. Fertile discharge indicates that you are about to ovulate, but that may take a couple of days to happen. It is thus possible for you to be fertile with a negative ovulation test. It is also entirely possible to notice this egg white cervical mucus but experience no luteinizing hormone (LH) surge.

A Word of Reassurance

Don't be too alarmed by a negative ovulation test if you have a lot of cervical mucus. Every woman is different, and your cervical mucus may just naturally be more viscous.

The best method of identifying when you are ovulating without relying on cervical mucus is to track your cycle. This allows you to pinpoint the exact day that you will ovulate and then take an ovulation test in the morning to be sure.

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