How Accurate Is the Ava Bracelet for Detecting Ovulation?

Find out how the Ava bracelet, when worn every night and synced with the Ava ovulation app and ovulation chart, will help you determine the fertile period of your cycle.

By Toni Henning
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published October 18, 2021.

The Ava bracelet is worn at night and tracks five physiological markers. As an ovulation predictor, the bracelet uses data to determine the 5 most fertile days of the menstrual cycle via the Ava bracelet app.

How Does Ava Detect Ovulation?

During a woman's cycle, Ava will automatically analyse data to detect a biphasic shift in physiological characteristics. Some physiological markers, such as skin temperature and pulse rate increase in response to the upsurge in progesterone following ovulation. All this data is gathered and plotted on the Ava bracelet ovulation chart.

How Reliable Is Ava?

If worn every night and synced with the app on your phone in the morning, Ava's algorithm detects 5.3 fertile days per cycle with 89% accuracy.

Ava was developed and tested for 24 to 35-day cycles. If you have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and your cycles fall outside of this range, Ava’s predictions may not be accurate for you and therefore can't tell if you’ve ovulated.

Does Ava Confirm Ovulation?

For the time-being, you cannot use Ava to confirm ovulation at a glance.

However, the ovulation chart would inform you if Ava recognized a biphasic parameter pattern in line with ovulation based on your data. To confirm, a rise in temperature after the positive urinal LH test would indicate that ovulation really took place.

Will Ava Tell You if You Don’t Ovulate?

Ava is programmed to detect your reproductive window, which includes tracking the day of ovulation and the five days leading up to it. If you aren't ovulating, you won’t have a fertile window for Ava to track.


The Ava Ovulation Tracker is the first and only FDA-cleared ovulation tracking wearable. Ava cannot be used as a fertility awareness method because it is not a contraceptive. Ava is purely an ovulation tracker to assist in conceiving.