Does Health Insurance Cover Tempdrop?

Health insurance doesn't always cover all medical care, but it's good to know what is covered and what isn't. Here's what to know about covering Tempdrop

By Nancy Amon
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published October 14, 2021.

Some medical insurance plans cover Tempdrop. Although Tempdrop does come with 1-year insurance that covers loss and damage, you might be wondering if there is third-party insurance that will cover your device over and above. Let's find out.

Do Insurance Companies Cover Basal Body Thermometers?

A variety of basal thermometers, including Tempdrop, are considered OTC or over-the-counter thermometers. However, most insurances cover OTC thermometers, including Tempdrop.

Is There A Way To Get Your HSA or FSA to Cover Tempdrop?

You can get your HSA or FSA to pay for the purchase of your Tempdrop. Both HSA and FSA cover various OTC basal body thermometers. However, to be 100% sure which exactly you are covered for, it would be best to check your custom plan.

If you've already purchased Tempdrop, you may be eligible for reimbursement by your provider by submitting your purchase invoice.

HSA or FSA Providers

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) allows the member to have an HSA account. HSA accounts are health savings accounts that provide cover for medical expenses, including dental and visual care for the account holder and their family members.

Account-holders can't use their Flexible spending accounts (FSA) to pay insurance premiums. However, FSA can cover health expenses like eye care, dentistry, doctors visits, and OTC purchases such as the Tempdrop basal body temperature thermometer.

Popular HSA providers include:

  • Lively
  • The HSA Authority
  • HSA Bank
  • Fidelity Investments

Popular FSA providers include :

  • Pro-Flex
  • Basic
  • HSA Bank