Livia Flower Pads vs. Gel Pads: What Are the Differences?

Read this article to learn more about the Livia device, flower pads, gel pads, and how it all works to give you period cramp relief.

By Abeera Maham
Edited by Kelli Harris

Published January 25, 2022.

Livia assists women worldwide in overcoming menstrual pain in a more effective, timely, and safe manner than medication alone. Read this article to learn more about the Livia device, its accessories, namely the flower pads and gel pads, and their differences.

What Is Livia and How Does It Work?

Livia is a wearable device that effectively treats period pain and is scientifically verified.

Livia uses a patented SmartWave™ technology based on Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation TENS machines to eliminate period pain.

Livia dramatically decreases, if not completely eliminates, menstruation pain by utilizing electrical micro-pulses to tap into the body's natural pain barriers. It has no adverse side effects, and you will not develop a tolerance for it.

In addition to its impressive technology, Livia is lightweight, stylish, and simple to use and is worn discreetly under clothing. As for longevity, the device can be reused for years thanks to its long-life rechargeable battery.

Is There a Difference Between Livia Flower Pads vs. Gel Pads?

Livia Flower Pads

Livia Flower Pads are named so because they resemble flowers. They are directly connected to the device by cables that allow tiny electric signals to be transmitted to the site of the pain and relieve it.

Livia Gel Pads The Livia gel pads allow the flower pads to adhere to the skin. You receive 6 pairs of gel pads in a Livia kit, enough for 6 months. After removing and discarding the previous pair of disposable Livia gel pads, a new pair of Livia gel pads must be attached to the back of the Livia flower pads (electrodes) each month.

Conclusion: Which Is Better for You?

Both Livia flower pads and gel pads are essential and required to get the most out of the Livia device. It would be difficult to adhere the flower pads to the area of discomfort without the gel pads. Similarly, it would be impossible to connect the electric device without the flower pads. In conclusion, both pads work together to make Livia a functional device.